We provide the best of estate services,
so you never have to worry about where to live.
John S. Fowler
Founder, BestBuild Co.
You just trust us. And we deliver, always.
Conveniently located estates:
Great locations so that you enjoy serene atmosphere and have easy access to other parts of the city.
Beautiful homes in beautiful places
We do our best so that your house is a place you never want to leave


Bashmoh Homes was established in 2010, though registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in 2011

by four professional in different fields of endeavour ranging from legal, strategy, accounting and risk

management with 15 years working experience each.


We provide wide range of property related services to ensure delivery of suitable and

conducive housing to both local and foreign home seeks and investors. These

services include but not limited to the following:

  • estate development
  • land brokerage
  • property documentation
  • mortgage advisory scheme
  •  building engineers and consultation
  •  property leasing and letting
  •  general land consulting

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